Easy Fleet detailing Services That Deliver Results

Fleet Detailing Services

For perfect auto fleet detailing we need to have perfect auto & car detailing equipment. Check out various features good car detailing machines should have.

When it comes to professional auto fleet detailing, handling vehicles one at a time can be challenging enough. Whether it’s cleaning RVs, family cars, or heavy vehicles, each one has its own unique cleaning needs and challenges. Fleet maintenance and cleaning is something that can be extremely challenging as well.

When dealing with a fleet of vehicles, it’s important the job be completed quickly but effectively. Today, eco-friendliness has become another trend in fleet cleaning. Companies need to pay special attention to the amount of water they use as well as the chemicals they release into the environment during the cleaning process. Thankfully, there are detailing machines and cleaning products available that offer fast fleet cleaning and maintenance that is efficient and ecological as well.

 A Fine-Looking Fleet Of Clean Cars

When looking for the right auto detailing machines for fleet maintenance, it helps to consider how important a well-maintained fleet is to a business. A fleet of trucks or cars does not simply transport supplies from one area to another. They also serve as advertisements for the company itself. Fleets that are shiny and clean always make strong and positive impressions.

If a company’s trucks are habitually dirty or shabby looking, you can be sure that this will leave a negative impression on potential customers. Power washing units are ideal investments for fleet maintenance as these machines can remove different kinds of dirt and debris from a vehicle’s surface using just the power of pressurized water.

When choosing pressure washing units for auto detailing, it’s important to acquire units that feature pressure levels at or below 1500 psi. Pressure levels above this can cause damage to the vehicle’s exterior. Pressure levels of 1500 psi or less are ideal in tackling bug spatter, bird stains, road salt, and other kinds of dirt and debris. It is also important to look for pressure washers that have low water flow rates. Ideally, the unit should have a water flow rate of 0.5 GPM, as this helps conserve water during cleaning without compromising on power.

This is an important point to consider as it can help avoid drainage fines when cleaning large fleets of vehicles.

Green Cleaning

It’s also important to invest in auto detailing solutions that are eco-friendly and effective as well. There are cleaning products available that are readily biodegradable and do not pollute the water or soil in any way. When used with car wash equipment like a car pressure washer, these eco-friendly products penetrate and remove dirt right at the molecular level. These green cleaning agents are ideal for a mobile car wash as well as fleet maintenance as they clean effectively without leaving behind harmful effluents or pollutants after cleaning.

For interior auto detailing fleet maintenance, it is best to use carpet cleaning machines that come equipped with low moisture technology. This kind of car wash equipment relies more on extraction powers to remove dirt and debris. In this way, the interiors can dry out quickly and thoroughly after cleaning. Coupled with the appropriate car pressure washer and eco-friendly cleaning solutionFree Articles, these carpet cleaners complete the necessary arsenal for an effective mobile car wash as well as high-level fleet cleaning tasks.

Paint Correction Services

Paint correction is not actually part of the fleet detailing system but it can be added as an extra service. Paint correction is rather expensive and is not usually affordable by most fleet owners as fleet cars are usually leased and traded in after three years with very little care except for car detailing or being put through a car wash to just clean up the car from dirt or road grime